Friday, February 11, 2011

This is our Official Team Blog!!

It was in the talks, and here it is. Our official team blog. This blog will soon be filling up with information just for you! We are talking about Arizona Featured Sellers, How-to's, Tips, Calendars of Events, TeamAZ Etsy sellers craft booth locations and times.

We are opening up an invitation to all of you, if you have an article you wanted to share with us, or one you written yourself, feel free to contact myself , LunaLeon, or any of the team's leaders. 

I am very excited for this team's future, and I know so are you 

-Luna Leon


  1. This is great! So glad to have this up and going, thanks Luna Leon!

  2. Awesome job! Great to have a centralized blog for the team. Sometimes discussions gets lost and this is great way to keep information in one accessible place.

  3. Thanks Luna - This will be great!